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Dr Kate Chan Sook Cheng
Specialty: Paediatrics

Languages: Malay, English, Chinese

07-2253000 Ext: 208

KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital,
39-B, Jln Abdul Samad,
80100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Staff Attached:

Name : Noorain Mohd Tahir

About Dr Kate Chan Sook Cheng

Education and Fellowship:

Medical education and academic affiliation:
•Doctor of Medicine (MD), China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan (1998 – 2005)
•Resident, Department of Paediatric, National Taiwan University Hospital and Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (2005 – 2008)
•Fellow, Neurology Department of Paediatric, National Taiwan University Hospital (2008 – 2010)
•Attending, Department of Paediatric, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (2010 – 2012)
•Consultant Paediatrician & Paediatric Neurologist, Regency Specialist Hospital(2012 – 2014)
•Clinical Observer, Neurodevelopmental Disability, Kennedy Krieger Institute, John Hopkins (2013)
•Consultant Paediatrician, KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital (2014 – current)

Research and Publications:

•Sook-Cheng Chan, Wang Tso Lee. Review: Benign Epilepsy in Children. J Formos Med Assoc 2011;110(3):134-144
•Sook-Cheng Chan, Wen-Hsin Tsai,Wei-Sheng Lin, Wen-Chin Weng, Wang-Tso Lee. MECP2 and CDKL5 Mutation Analysis among the Patient with Rett-like Syndrome. Present in 11th International Child Neurology Congress, 2010
•Sook-Cheng Chan, Steven Shinn-Forng, Wen-Chin Weng, Wang-tso Lee. Tyrosine Hydroxylase Deficiency in One Medical Centre: Clinical and Neuroimaging Findings. Present in 10th Asian & Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology 2009

Professional Memberships:

Membership of International Child Neurology Association (ICNA), 2012
•Membership of Malaysian Paediatric Association (MPA), 2012
•Membership of Asian & Oceanian Child Neurology Association (AOCNA), 2010
•Membership of Taiwan Child Neurology Society, 2010
•Membership of Taiwan Paediatric Association, 2008